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"Cello's Plug & Play widget has saved us valuable time and effort, making it easy to get started and see results quickly"

Jannik Abraham, Managing Director (Smoobu)


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Berlin, Germany
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How Cello helped Smoobu achieve an activation rate of 25%

Smoobu, a pioneer in the B2B SaaS vacation rental management system and acquired by HomeToGo in 2020, initiated Cello's P2P referral program to enhance their existing referral marketing strategy. The straightforward integration with their current system allowed for quick implementation and rapid result delivery. Cello's platform enabled Smoobu to manage and track customer referrals more efficiently, leading to an outstanding activation rate among its user base.

How did they succeed?

Preconfigured widget to get started in no time.

Smoobu initially wanted to test this new channel before committing to a long-term engagement. The setup and connection with the existing tools were straightforward via Cello's portal, as was the widget's configuration. The pre-configured settings, based on best practices and Smoobu's input, could be easily adjusted in the dashboard.

Easy two-sided reward scheme

Based on thousands of referral data points, results show that a two-sided reward scheme that is easy to grasp wins. Referrer reward and referee discount should be around the same (e.g. 10%) and easy to grasp, exactly what Smoobu did.

High activation rate through FAB and in-menu integration

By incorporating a sizeable floating action button for the referral program directly into Smoobu's user interface and menu, users could quickly discover the new referral program. This led to an activation rate of over 25%.

The result?

Smoobu achieved impressive results through its partnership with Cello. They saw an activation rate of 25%, meaning that a significant portion of their user base became aware of the referral program. Additionally, they experienced a sharing rate of 17%, indicating that almost every 5th user actively promotes the program.

Furthermore, the conversion rate from free to paid users was 54.8%, demonstrating that the referral program not only attracted new users but also successfully converted them into paying customers.


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