Word of mouth

Word of mouth

Turn users into your most valuable growth channel. Cello is the easiest way to add a P2P referral program to any SaaS product in hours.

    (We only need you E-mail… that’s it)


    Make sharing your product frictionless & rewarding

    Accelerate viral growth by providing a delightful sharing experience embedded inside your product. Get the ball rolling and your users will do the rest.

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    The power of user-led growth


    dev time needed


    LTV:CAC from day one


    payback period


    yearly revenue growth added

    How it works

    Setting up a referral program used to be messy—not any more

    Seamless Integration in a snap

    Make sharing available inside your product fast and hassle-free. We do all the heavy lifting with billing, payouts and administration.

    Simple frictionless sharing

    Multiple sharing options and auto-generated landing pages make it easy for your users to share in any channel.

    Flexible, automated rewards

    Integrates directly with Stripe and other payment providers. Fully automated attribution & success-based payouts.

    Integrates with your existing tools

    Secure, enterprise-ready platform that integrates with your CRM and RevOps tools.

    Management and performance tools

    Powerful platform to track performance in real-time. Makes proving program ROI a breeze.

    Cello made it easy to introduce an additional high ROI, scalable source of topline revenue.

    Sven Lackinger, CEO

    We introduced a new, high LTV/CAC channel with none of the billing headache we had expected to have to deal with.

    Veronika Riederle, CEO

    We had looked at launching a program in the past, but realized we were not equipped to handle all the billing and operations hassle. Cello removed all that headache for our team.

    Maria Wlosinska, CEO

    User-led growth is an essential driver of our business. Cello makes investing in word-of-mouth acquisition super easy and accessible.

    David Kim, CMO

    Fastest growing software companies are built on strong word-of-mouth. Cello makes this critical growth driver now accessible to all products

    Marek Dawidowicz, Director Growth

    Customer referrals have always worked great for us. We tried to self-build a referral tool, but it proved too expensive to build and operate. Cello can solve all that out-of-the-box.

    Oliver Manojlovic, Business Angel & VP Sales

    User-led growth unleashed

    We are on a mission to empower companies to turn their fans and users into their most valuable growth channel. Get in touch, take the initiative.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Everything about Cello, from programs to channels and pricing.

    Sold. When can I get started?

    We’re currently in early access and are onboarding a limited number of new customers. If you are interested in being part of our early adopters and help shape the future of referral experience together. Our self-serve product will go live during 2022.

    How does your pricing work?

    We’ve designed the pricing to be entirely success-based. You only pay us when your program is generating revenue and/or attracting active participants*. Our free tier gives you a low friction way to launch and validate if incentivised referrals work for your business. *unique email addresses collected after successful referrals and include a user sending our invites and any new users they referrer to your product.

    Can you talk more about user rewards?

    Rewards are designed to be customisable for your individual business needs. We recommend recurring rewards calculated as a % of MRR generated from users they’ve referred. Rewards can be timeboxed or capped with setting a maximum reward limit per referral. Users receive payouts directly to their PayPal or Venmo accounts. Reward options such as gift cards, donations, and product-rewards (e.g. discounts) are coming soon.

    What languages and geos are supported?

    We support rewarding users in all countries where PayPal is available. Cello’s referral experience supports localization for users. You can localize and translate every touch point. Just add translations during the setup process.

    How do you deal with compliance, legal and security?

    Your privacy and that of your users is our top priority. We offer DPAs with all our plans and are GDPR-compliant with servers based in the EU. We collaborate with data protection as a service provider to comply with international regulations for data protection.

    Success-based pricing
    — fair and simple

    A low friction way to launch and validate incentivised referrals for your business.



    • Up to 10k€ referral ARR
    • Up to 100 referral participants
    • All features
    • Email & chat support only



    • Up to 50k€ referral ARR
    • Up to 500 referral participants
    • All features
    • Standard support
    • Standard SLAs



    • Up to 100k€ referral ARR
    • Up to 1,000 referral participants
    • All features
    • Standard support
    • Standard SLAs

    Need a custom plan? Ask about Enterprise.

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    • Unlimited referral participants
    • All features
    • Premium support
    • Premium SLAs
    Contact Sales

    Need a custom plan? Ask about Enterprise.

    Contact Sales
    • Unlimited referral participants
    • All features
    • Premium support
    • Premium SLAs
    Contact Sales